Friday, May 11, 2012

Hey Mr. Can You Spare Some Change ?

     "I hate change" is a phrase I hear more often than I would like from my yoga students. This is pretty much the equivalent of saying "I hate to breath". With every new breath subtle change is introduced into our body and with every passing moment subtle changes are occurring in our lives. God instructs us to come to Him "as little children" and while this scripture can be applied with broad brush strokes today I just want to take a second to imagine an infant wailing that they hate change and want to stay in that poopy diaper, a toddler wailing that they hate change and never want to walk steadily, a preteen who never wants to grow breathing change is a constant subtle fact of life. Without change there is no growth. Without growth there are no blooms on your flowers.Hating change is setting yourself up for hating lets flow yogis and seekers.

     A human is like a mighty river, fed from the High mountain streams and flowing until we empty out into the great gulf of humanity. This flow is a constant change and it not only serves humanity for us to be open hearted and generously open handed, it also serves us. The places where we refuse to change where we hang on to the old are the places where we dam up the river. It doesn't take long for stagnant water to become murky and stale and infested with pests. Are you flowing yogi or "dam it all" are you resisting change with all your might?

     Life is not even spurts of change between various destinations. It is constant change.  We are never "there" we don't "arrive" until we die and then who knows?! But instead of letting this fact tire you imagining spending your life swimming up river against the natural flow of change, imagine a life spend blissfully floating with the tides of change. When we accept change as the only unchanging fact of life it is a beautiful surrender to truth.We are moving and flowing so the choice today is to chill in the river or waste your energy flailing and fighting. With our local rivers swollen after an exhilarating rain I say lets not paddle upstream today!

"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death" Anais Nin

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