Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You Are the Guru

     "Behold, the kingdom of God is within you"
Luke 17:21

     Wouldn't it be nice if our spiritual journeys took us from point A to point B in a nice straight line? And wouldn't it be better yet if a really wise person just pointed us to Point B? One day we wake up and arrive at Point A and we are mature enough to recognize our spirit, the part of us that longs for growth and connection, and we maybe begin our journey by sending up a few prayers or reading a few books hoping for Point B, which is...what? Closer connection to God and what does that even mean? If God is omnipresent as classic religion tells us then how can we get closer than that? Is enlightenment point B? And for God's sake what does that even mean? There's a lot of flowery spiritual language out there but what does it all mean? I like practical stuff that is easy to understand and implement. When someone advises me to manifest something I just want to scream and go to Target where I manifest stuff in exchange for money.

     We know that we are body, mind, spirit creatures responsible for nurturing and growing all parts of us and with body & mind the paths are a little more clear. For the body eat healthy and exercise, right? For the mind we monitor our thoughts and toss out the crappy ones, but how to nurture and grow your spirit is a bit more elusive and metaphysical. Sure it is important to cultivate spiritual habits such as prayer, meditation, time with scripture and like minded people but why?
Is the point to be present in your life or is the point to serve the needs of others? We are told that we are perfect and at the same time to keep improving. We are told that God is Love and the kingdom of God is inside of us and yet we often act hateful. Is the spiritual walk about encompassing duality or realizing that we are all One? What is Point B?

     Every time I have a spiritual growth spurt it seems I end up further from these answers but somehow ironically closer to a peaceful inner life. I am coming to the realization that apparently we are not on a "need to know" basis with God as most of my questions just bring more questions. But here's the thing ... NO ONE knows these answers because each persons life has different meaning and each persons journey is a different winding path. So, a different kind of question: why are there so many spiritual experts out there selling solutions? Because people are desperate for answers and willing to be led. The problem with the "guru" method is that we are giving away our power when we listen to the external voice of another rather than the internal voice of our best self. A little guidance can be helpful but it is not the end of the journey. I don't know the answers to your spiritual questions but I have a clue as to where they are found: inside YOU. And going deep inside yourself is the path to Point B.

     When the mind is quiet and our awareness is planted compassionately in the present moment that is when wisdom arises shining light on our path. We all need a helping hand at some points along the path but ultimately the inner journey is yours to take alone. Stop doubting yourself, stop searching for answers in other people and maybe you will inch towards Point B. If you are reading this blog for answers I am here to tell you there are no external answers there is only an inner journey. Maybe the point of a spiritual life is just to live it and let that be enough.  Maybe our answers aren't found in present moment but the present moment is our answer. Just being here with out distraction is all there is to being with God.  When I was young I thought I knew these answers but now instead I relish the questions. Trust yourself seekers. Other peoples opinions can be the spiritual condiments but you will find your nourishment when you listen to that "still small voice" inside.