Monday, March 5, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

   As a yogi and spiritual seeker I spend a lot of time contemplating the internal life. Searching out God and cultivating internal quiet is a fulfilling and gratifying practice for me. It is also dangerously on the edge of selfish living which is exactly what God warns us not to be. We serve God only by serving others but then we get greater intimacy with God by going inside where we serve no one but ourselves. A conundrum that is only solved by carefully monitoring our relationships.

   Spiritually is measured relationally and if our closest relationships are volatile and selfish then perhaps it is time for a more rigorous honest self assessment. Anyone can appear godly when we're alone but it is our reactions when loved ones stretch us that are telling. Our families are mirrors that reflect us back to is so easy to think of serving that little old lady crossing the street or passing a few dollars to the homeless but what about when your Mom is driving you batty? That is the moment to realize maybe you are driving her batty as well and take a deeper look inside. Our internal journey ideally is a platform from which to refine and improve our external relationships. I don't think my Mom has read my blog yet but when she does....this is just an example Mom. I love you!! You're awesome.  So, with everyone around me today I will endeavor to remember love is a verb.

    So,yogi....when you roll out your mat and someone steps on it how are you gonna react? When that person who always annoys you in class sits next to with a heavy sigh are you going to remember that they are not a idiot but rather a mirror of ourselves? Endeavor to go inside only to make your outside more Godly and your journey will not only enrich you but the world as well namaste

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