Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Us Vs. Them

     As humanity continues to evolve spiritually we all know by now partisanship and polarity are poison. Whether it it Democrat vs. Republican, Conservative Christian vs. Progressive Christian, or Acrobat yogi vs. Meditator yogi....the Us vs. Them is a dangerous illusion. As your exhale becomes my inhale there is no us and them there is only life. Let me put it this way. The earth is an aquarium, we are fish and God is the water. When we hate and judge we are pooping in our own water. We grow together or we die together. But we all think we're "right" don't we? "We" are the reasonable ones trying to be patient with "those"extremists.

     This is an old topic, worn bare by the footsteps of philosophers much wiser than me. Releasing us vs. them mentality is Awakening 101. So, why do we persist in labeling others in our smug superiority when we know better? Behavior in others that bothers us is only a mirror illuminating our shortcomings. God loves us so much that He allows others to grow us by annoying us. I am sure you've noticed the heart of growth is "ow". Yea it hurts. But how much more hurtful to look back on your life and witness a stagnant fishbowl full of algae and death.
     So, to the heart of the matter. Us vs. them is merely a symptom of me vs. me. I joke with my husband that "nighttime Signe" had better be good to "daytime Signe". But you know, there is only one me. Maybe you feel as if you have an angel on one shoulder and the devil on another. Or your language has evolved to the point where you "battle the ego and bring light to your spirit". Hate to break it to you but that's more us vs. them. Our dark sides will only grow darker as we label and hate on them trying to eradicate the ego is declaring war on yourself.

     We all have behaviors we desire to nurture and patterns that we wish to diminish. But hating on your ego is not the way to get there because that is merely hating on yourself. Can you spend time with your "dark side" without judgement without recoiling in horror? Because the key to bringing light into your life is love and that means not compartmentalizing yourself but applying compassion to every nook and cranny of your beautiful soul. Once there is no longer a "me vs. me" then maybe some of the "us vs. them" societal issues will begin to soften. After all, we are us and them is me one big family in the sea.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself...this is where we begin

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